Wordpress Installation

February 12th, 2009

Installing Wordpress is rather fast and easy process and it won’t require you extra programming knowledge and energies. Besides a lot of web hosts offer you to install Wordpress automatically nowadays so you won’t be involved in a process at all. But if you want to acomplish this task yourself here are the main aspects you should be aware of when instlling Wordpress.

1. Pre-Installation

Before you install Wordpress you should access your website and necessary software to go on with installation process. These include shell or FTP access, a text editor and a web browser you’d like to use. After that you should check carefuly whether your web host parameters correspond the minimum requirements for running Wordpress properly.

2. Installation Begins.

The next step you should take is to download the most recent Worpdress release and unzip the received files. After that invent a password for your Secret Key and proceed with furher installation.

3. 5-Minute Install

After you have downloaded and unpacked Wordpress folder follow the next steps:
- create a database within the web server. Sometimes your hosting provider already has a Wordpress database installed or provides you with automated set up option. That’s why you should check provider’s features or your control panel to figure out whether you need to create a database manually or not.
- change the file name “the wp-config-sample.php” to “wp-config.php”
- open “wp-config.php” file in the text editor you want to work with and fill in each of the database details to receive and apply the secret password
- upload the Wordpress files to your web server choosing the place you’d like them to be stored in, e.g. domain root or your website’s subdirectory etc.
If you have acomplished all the tasks listed above properly your Wordpress should be installed successfuly.

Here are some detailed instructions how to create your Wordpress database using of Control Panel.

1. Log in first to the CP
2. Browse MySQL Databases
3. If you need to create new Wordpress user do the following:
- choose a username and enter it in the Username line
- invent a password that is hard to guess and type it into the Password field.
- click Add User
4. If there is no Wordpress database complete the next steps:
- choose a database name and type it into the Database field
- click Ad Database
5. Within Databases choose your Wordpress username and database from User dropdown and Database dropdown correspondingly. After that click Add User to the Database.
6. See your database information when you return to the MySQL Account Maintenance screen.

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