WordPress for iPhone and iPod touch Version 1.2

March 24th, 2009

Great news for Apple fans - the new version of WordPress for iPhone and iPod touch is now available at the iTunes App store.

The bugs of the old version have been fixed in this new edition and some more incredible features have been added.
Here are some new features of version 1.2

- Landscape mode.
This great feature enables you to use an extra wide keyboard, you can now easily write the full-length blog post right from your iPod.

- Comment moderation
You are now able to moderate your blog comments without any inconveniences, like constantly logging in. The feature is available only for WordPress.org 2.7+ or WordPress.com blogs

- Editing and creating pages
Well, you are now able to create pages and edit them from your iPhone or iPod touch.

- Photo resizing
Enable the feature and all the images attached to the post won’t be larger than 640×480. Nice feature to save space and time of publishing.

- Link creation help
A nice feature that asks if you want to create a link each time you write something like “www.” or “http”. I found it to be very useful.

You can get yourself the 1.2 version at iTunes App store for free.

So, do you like the new features of WordPress for iPhone?

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