WordPress template tags and a small announcement

March 31st, 2009

Running a blog for a while you eventually come to a desire to change something in your theme. Show tags as well as categories, change the format the date is displayed in, these and alike small changes can easily be done with WordPress tags. A template tag is a php code that tells WordPress to “do” or “get” something, but you do not have to be a coder to use Templates tags.

These tags are extremely simple to use and very well documented at wordpress.org. Basically, if you want your title to be shown put “”, and you will get the task done.
Read carefully the documentation at the link above, it is clearly explained there. The most used template tags are:

- the_title() - outputs the title
- the_permalink - outputs the posts permalink, used with “the_title” usually
- the_content() - displays the post body
- the_category() - displays the categories you put the post in
- the_tags() - shows the tags of the post
- the_author - outputs the name of the post author
- the_author_url - outputs the link to the author’s page, usually used in a link with “the_author”

There are many more of them listed and explained at the wordpress.org. So go ahead and make your blog template more personal.

And in conclusion I have a little announcement here:
WordPress is participating in the Google Summer of Code for the third year in a raw and encourages college students to apply. There are 3 days left for you to roll in, the deadline is April 3, 2009. Check out WordPress Codex GSoC2009 page for more info and FAQ. There also are some projects suggested. To apply go to the Google Summer of Code application site.

So, what tags do you use?

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