11 Tips on Making Your Post Titles Prominent

May 26th, 2009

You may think your blog post titles don’t really matter, but the thing is - they do matter a lot.
How does a random person decide whether to read a blog post or not? It doesn’t matter if the named person found your blog post at the searcher or at his feed, or at any of the social bookmarking websites, or even by simply surfing the web, the first thing the decision whether to read a post or not depends on is the title. Thus the title should be really great, catching and intriguing. There are loads of information at the Net on how to make your post titles prominent and catching, I collected the most reasonable tips to give you a simple yet useful check list. Note that not every of these tips is good for every blog post you write, everything depends on content, thus remember that you blog post title should reveal what your blog post is about, everything else comes later.

* Use keywords
* Hint what your reader will “get” from reading your post.
* Debates and controversy are the powerful tool for attracting readers.
* Use words like ‘free’, ‘discover’, ’stunning’, ‘warning’, ‘easy’, ’secrets’ and other power words.
* Promise something. But don’t forget to back the promises up at the post.
* Reach out to your reader. Using “you” in the title as well as in the post itself makes it more personal, thus more vivid for readers.
* Ask questions. These are good not only in attracting readers but also in stimulating comments.
* Be humorous. Humor is a great tool, but it has to be funny, remember that.
* Always right for your readers, not the search engines first.
* Simplicity is the key. No one likes too complected words and highbrow content.
* Lists are among the most popular posts.

Well, have I missed something? Do share your tips and advice in comments below.

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4 Responses to “11 Tips on Making Your Post Titles Prominent”

  1. Always confusion with title of post but first time read tips about Blog Post Title. quite impressive analysis done for post title.

  2. These 11 tips are really very fantastic and important for every post. There are many writer who’s articles are very nice but people don’t have look at than. Because they had not present it in right way. Your tips really helpful.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you, I’m glad you’ve found them useful

  4. Paule says:

    I like the power words- emotion works well for posts

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