Useful Tips To Increase Your Blog Subscribers

August 25th, 2010

If you own a blog attracting as many readers as you can is a number one task for you. Your subscribers is an indicator of your success so you should take care of this issue and make use of special techniques which allow you increasing your weblog popularity.

1. Make your RSS icons visible
If you want your blog to get followers you need to make your RSS icon visible so that every reader may notice it at once and subscribe. It is better to place the RSS icon and an email subscription at the top of your blog pages or in the header. Don’t forget about your RSS icon design as it should be vivid and professional to be both visible and attractive.
Remember that the process of subscription should not take long so try to provide less fields for the readers to fill. This will make a subscription more convenient and pleasant for your blog visitors.

2. Add content on a regular basis
To make readers come back for the new information you need to update your blog regularly adding relevant and interesting content to it at least 2 times a week. Thus you will get the readers interested and they will definitely visit it again and again.

3. Comment on other blogs
It is common among bloggers to comment on different blogs in order to get backlinks, promote their own blog and build additional traffic. This technique will be more useful if you place your blog RSS URL in the field of your website URL as it may bring you not only traffic but new subscribers as well.

4. Offer gifts for subscription
In order to attract more readers you can write a book and offer it as a gift for every user who will subscribe to your blog. This way you can increase the number of your blog followers significantly which in its turn will raise your blog popularity and success.

5. Write guest posts
If you want to make your blog more popular and promote it on the web effectively writing guest posts will become another great solution. Try to publish your best works in order for the readers to see your best capabilities and attract them to visit your blog for more interesting posts. Before you publish your guest post you will be asked to write a few lines about yourself and your activity. This is a good chance to insert your RSS feed URL and get more subscribers at once.

6. Join the community
There is a lot of blogging communities you can join to in order to promote your blog and attract new visitors. Just find the community corresponding your niche and take part in the discussions, you will be noticed by other bloggers and readers and some of them may become your new subscribers.

7. Take part in forums discussions
If you run a blog you may become a member of special forums related to your niche and discuss the related topics within them. Apart from being noticed by other webmasters you can also promote your blog by placing an RSS feed link in the signature section. Thus every user will see it in the replies you post and there is chance someone will follow your blog link.

8. Insert a tag line
When you post a new article to your blog you can add a tag line at the end of it. This way your blog readers will be able to subscribe or follow you on social networks immediately without looking for a link in the header or other sections of your weblog.

Do not forget to interact with your blog readers by means of different contest or giveaways which will not only show your friendly attitude towards the users but help you to attract new subscribers as well. Stay active and your success won’t take long to appear!

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