Would You Ever Guess These Websites Are Running On The WordPress?

August 6th, 2010

WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform - it is a full-blown CMS allowing you establishing stunning fully-functional websites for any purposes. Its facilities has extended so much that entering this or that website you may not even guess it is developed with WordPress. Still can’t believe? Than our compilation will prove it to you in the most vivid way. We have gathered 15 most striking websites built on the WordPress basis which will show you the real power of WordPress CMS.

1. Boys’ Life Magazine


This magazine is aimed at scouting fans and is an official publication of the Boy Scouts Of America. The website through which Boy’s Life Magazine is represented looks very bright and makes every visitor understand that it is created for active and enthusiastic people.

2. Hack a Day


This WordPress-powered website is dedicated to different interesting hacks and is crammed with information. But its design allows placing such an amount of content in the way that you can enjoy it without any obstacles.

3. Fail Blog


The design of this funny blog looks simple but too complex to call this website a WordPress-based one from the first sight. Still this is it!

4. BBC Top Gear


Have you ever seen a WordPress website with such a stunning and functional design? Than take a look and enjoy!

5. I Can Has Cheezburger?


This website looks like any other ordinary entertainment one with lots of multimedia content to view, but the most marvelous thing about it is that it’s developed with WordPress. I bet you couldn’t have guess, could you?

6. URB Magazine

The URB Magazine website impresses by creative and very eye-catching design. This is how WordPress is able to amaze you.


7. Vtravelled Blog


This travel blog is distinguished both by fresh and vivid look and great functionality facilities, and all these advantages are achieved due to WordPress!

8. PopWatch


Pop Watch is an entertainment blog distinguished by stylish portal-like design. A great example of modern and informative website created on the WordPress basis.

9. COED Magazine


COED Magazine makes you sure once again that WordPress is an ideal solution for any online magazine establishment allowing to make it look stylish and very competitive.

10. Emploi-Manche


Browsing the pages of this stunning website you you will hardly believe such a beauty can be created with WordPress. But it’s true - this wonderful French website is really WordPress-based.

11. Hotel Paradiso


If you ever planned to launch a website to promote your hotel business you definitely need to choose WordPress CMS. This website will prove you how striking and unmatched it can look!

12. UGS Mag


Yes, this bright multicolored website is also developed with WordPress. Extraordinary design, multiple site sections and eye-catching color scheme impress greatly!

13. Lucas Hirata


This is a WordPress-driven desinger portfolio which stand out by premium design and smooth functionality. Well done, WordPress!

14. Wikintie


This website doesn’t look like an ordinary blog based on WordPress but this is how you can use this powerful CMS for the most attractive website creation.

15. GAG


GetAndGive is a website with extraordinary navigation and imposing design which combines innovative WordPress facilities in the most efficient and beneficial way.

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