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Create an online store out of your WordPress blog

April 14th, 2009

wordpress shopping cart

The majority of WordPress bloggers make money with paid advertising and affiliate programs, but there are some other ways to make money online, one of them is to actually sell things online. What do you need to make your WordPress powered blog an online store? Well, basically, all you need is a shopping cart.
There are some options available for you:

* WP e-Commerce Plugin
This application is the most complete, powerful, elegant and easy to use Shopping Plugin for WordPress.

* Quick Shop Plugin
This nice plugin adds a SideBar widget allowing the users to see what they currently have in the cart and gives them an opportunity to remove the items. The TinyMCE button is one of the greatest features of the Quick Shop Plugin, it allows you to easily add products to your blog posts and pages.

* eShop plugin
This powerful WordPress plugin has many great features. It allows to list multiple products, with add to cart form, on a single page and to use Wordpress pages or posts to create products, 3 methods for calculating shipping charges are available, products can have multiple options. These are only few of the features available.

* WP Live-Shopping plugin
The widget gives you the ability to display all live shopping offers at your blog in one single widget. The widget can be added to your sidebar and customized to look as you wish it to look like.

* WP Auctions plugin
This great plugin gives you an opportunity to host auctions on your blog and to sell anything you want to fee-free. There are many features: you can create and host as many auctions as you wish, upload multiple images for each auction, sell everything only on ‘Buy It Now’ basis, get payment via PayPal and many more.

* ArtPal plugin
This free WordPress plugin was originally created for artists to give them an opportunity to sell their art works online. The plugin simply integrates the PayPal with a Wordpress blog.

Have you tried any of these plugins and what was your experience?