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10 Winning WordPress Themes for Business

November 18th, 2009

Nowadays a lot of webmasters rack their brains over business website construction being in an endless search of the most appropriate design solution. Take it easy, you don’t have to spend days developing your web pages from scratch or spending a fortune to buy the necessary web design software or hire a professional designer hoping that your online business will cover all the expenses. Fortunately, there is a lot of worthy WordPress themes which are not only easy to use and edit but also are available for free, so all you need to do today to establish a good business website is to find the template which will fit your requirements best and make it work for you! To give you a helping hand we have prepared a set of the undoubtedly winning WordPress business designs, so take a look and make your own choice.

1. Loan Theme

Loan WordPress theme is an ideal choice for those business owners who would like their website to be distinguished by clean and stylish design with 2 column layout and left sidebar. Its pleasant-to-the eye combination of white, blue and grey colors makes Loan theme look both imposing and user-friendly.

2. SW Business2 Theme

If you are in search of a high-quality business website design SW Business2 Theme will become your one-stop solution for sure. It possesses 3 column layout with fixed width and is widget ready to make your commercial website more usable.

3. Bizmaniac Theme

Bizmaniac theme is compatible with WordPress 2.7.1 and runs smoothly on all popular web browsers. Apart from beautiful and funny design it is also distinguished by the advanced facilities of editing your site content, i.e. text, images and links, according to your own preferences.

4. Elegant Business theme

Elegant Business is a valid XHTML and CSS WordPress Theme which will become a perfect basis for your commercial website. Its really elegant design and clear navigation will help your business web pages stand out against a background of others.

5. Business Conference

Business Conference theme is distinguished by creative and professional design which allows you to establish the most prestigious commercial website your clients and business partners will definitely appreciate!

6. Kind of Business 1.3

This theme possesses simple but rather stylish 2 column layout and will fit perfectly any kind of small business website you want to start up. Ease at use, clean design and high quality - these are the features of Kind of Business 1.3 theme.

7. Elegant Property Theme

If you are going to get involved in the real estate industry and need to represent your business online Elegant Property theme is exactly what you need to create your web pages. Green and grey colors evoke a pleasant calming atmosphere which makes your customers feel warm and cozy while they browse your commercial website.

8. Business Place Theme

Business Place theme will become a winning solution in case you are aimed at setting up either a commercial website or any business blog. The theme possesses stylish brown-and-blue design and maintains advanced navigation features which will be highly estimated by your every customer.

9. Structure Theme

This theme is definitely suitable for any commercial web pages you are planning to launch and will become your ideal choice due to its premium design and exclusive functionality features. Structure Theme is compatible with all major web browsers and is SEO optimized which assures you of your website success and online business prosperity.

10. SW Marketing2 Theme

SW Marketing2 is a free WordPress theme with joyful but very professional and user-friendly design which makes it a perfect fit for any marketing website. It possesses valid XHTML/CSS code, is widget ready and has a lot of advanced functions for your website to maintain not only high-grade design but unmatched usability as well.

So don’t puzzle over the way you are going to construct your commercial website pages - choose one of the professionally designed free WordPress themes for business and start up your own online business in the shortest time. We wish you every success!

Top5 Free WordPress Themes of July 2009

August 6th, 2009

Holding up the tradition I continue to showcase the best free wp themes from our collection submitted during the last month. Well, here is my personal top5 of the wordpress skins submitted in July 2009:

#5 Wonderful Nature
best wp themes
This cute and plain widget ready, 4 column theme is designed by Themes Junction is created to suit any personal blog. I think this magazine style theme designed with the use of pink, white and yellow colors will be a great choice for a girl’s personal page.

Top 10 Video Tutorials for WordPress Beginners

July 7th, 2009

When you are new to something you for sure prefer to have an expert who will show you the basics, don’t you? Well, I decided to make a selection of the most useful video tutorials recorded by real experts. Now you can say you’ve been taught by the best WordPress professionals ;)

Well, what do you want to know first of all? Of course how to install your WordPress, I can recommend these tutorials:
* How to install WordPress from
* Installing Wordpress from

Now you may be interested in changing your WP theme:
* How to Change/Activate Themes from
* How to change the theme from
* How to Modify WordPress Theme from

Good tutorials on widgets:
* How widgets work from
* Create your first widget
* How To Make Your Own WordPress Widget from

How to install and create your own plugins:
* How to install WordPress plugins from
* How to make a wordpress plugin from

Well, this was my top 10 WordPress video tutorials. Would you like to see more of them?

Top 5 Free WordPress Themes of June 2009

July 3rd, 2009

As you know WPDaddy collection is updated regularly, the new themes are added every day. You may also remember my post about the best themes of May, well I decided to make it a tradition and showcase my personal top 5 of the themes submitted each month. Well, here are the best 5 free WordPress themes of the June 2009

#5 Transformer 1.4
best wp theme
This 3 columns, right sidebar, widget ready theme designed by Zinruss Studio is nicely designed with the use of blue color palette and the theme of the new blockbuster - Transformers. If you are a fan of the movie you’ll love the theme either.

#4 Just News
best wordpress theme
This clean and stylish 3 Columns, right sidebar theme designed by is a perfect choice for any online magazine or newspaper.

#3 Music Globe
best wordpress skin
Another theme by is designed to be a perfect choice for music, entertainment and celebrity blogs. I really like the creative header of this 2 columns, right sidebar, widget ready theme

#2 Bali Beach
outstanding wordpress theme
This bright theme designed by Tamara Smith is 3 columns, right sidebar, widget ready and perfectly suitable for any traveler’s blog or traveling agency web presence. The header is so tempting, isn’t it?

#1 Eiffel Tower
number one wordpress theme
Do you love Paris? I do, as well as Tamara Smith who created this 3 columns, left sidebar, widget ready theme for a travel blog or travel guide, well, pretty much everything connected to vacation and travel.

Well, this was my personal top 5 of the themes submited in June 2009. Check out our collection for more brilliant Free WordPress Themes

Best Travel Blog Free WP Templates

June 18th, 2009

Summer is the time for vacations and adventures and I’m pretty sure many of you would like to share your travel impressions and experiences with relatives, friends and strangers. Of course you can carry your trip photos with you and show them to every person you meet, but I think launching a travel blog is much more convenient solution. Thus I’ve collected the best free vacation blog themes. Describe your cruises, flights and resorts you’ve been to or only plan to visit, share your pleasant and unpleasant experiences with airlines and travel agencies, show the maps and photos of your adventures, give other people valuable info about the places you’ve been to and help others to have the time of their life during their vacations. These are the mere things you can do with the WordPress themes presented below.

* Beautiful Beach
best free travel wp theme

This brilliant 3 columns, right sidebar theme is designed by Tamara Smith and is perfectly suitable for your personal travel blog. It’s creative header tempts to leave everything, forget about important things to do and go to the seaside immediately. :)

* Travel 4 Theme
free vacation wordpress theme

Dave Waldheim has created this awesome wp theme to suit any blog dedicated to travels and vacation. The theme is 2 columns, right sidebar, widget ready and features a nice header with beautiful pictures of tourist places.

* SW Travel2 Blue
free travel blog template

I love this widget ready, 2 columns, right sidebar theme by stephenweb for the awesome header it features. The beautiful beach, bright sky, the palm and two empty lounges inviting you to seat on them, isn’t it the way you’d describe the Paradise? :)

* Holiday Blue
best free vacation wordpress skin

This plane and simple design created by mywpthemes is a very good choice for a personal blog related to traveling and vacations. This free theme is 2 Columns, Left Sidebar and Widget Ready, the blue and pale yellow color scheme make the design very attractive.

* Exotic Vacation
best free vacation WordPress skin

This amazing widget ready, 2 columns, left sidebar theme by Brian is my personal number one for today. It is so brilliantly designed, the navigation is very comfortable and intuitive, the color scheme is calm and attractive and I really love the details as the bird on the top of the direction sign and the plane at the sky.

So, where do you plan to go for a vacation this year?

Useful WordPress Tutorials

June 16th, 2009

As you may have guessed from the title - below are some WordPress tutorials that you might find handy. I tried to pick up the most easy to follow and fruitful in results tutorials.
If you’ve been wondering how the WP themes are created here is a small roundup of the best tutorials on designing WordPress themes for beginners:

* So You Want to Create Wordpress Themes, Huh?
Actually this is not a one tutorial but a series of 16 lessons on almost every aspect of Wordpress theme development. I think every beginner should read this.

* How to Create WordPress Themes from Scratch.
This is a step-by-step tutorial in 3 parts on how to design a WP theme from scratch. This is a very popular tutorial, clearly written and easy to follow. Great place to start if you are looking for a comprehensive guide on designing and coding a theme.

* How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch.
Another step-by-step tutorial in two parts, covering the basics of WordPress theme development.

If you have updated to the latest WordPress version below are tutorials you might find handy:

* The Ultimate Wordpress 2.8 Optimization Guide will teach you how to speed up your blog.

* Build A WordPress 2.8 Widget With The New Widget API is a very good tutorial if you plan to create a widget for your new WordPress.

* Tag descriptions in WordPress 2.8 will teach you how to add descriptions to your tags and answer the question why you should add them at the first place.

Are there some tutorials you’d like to share with us?

P.S.: Don’t be shy and submit your wp themes to WPDaddy free WordPress themes collection. ;)

Best Themes of the May 2009

June 2nd, 2009

I try to show you the most creative wordpress themes from WPDaddy collection every now and then, well, today I’m going to show you my personal top5 of the free wp themes that have been submitted to the gallery during the May 2009.
Olive Todd
personal page wp theme
Designed by WPThemerz this two columns, right sidebar theme is widget ready and perfectly suitable for any personal weblog. I especially like the design of the header and the footer of this theme performed in green color palette.

best personal blog wordpress theme
This is a 2 columns, right sidebar, adsense and widget ready theme from skinpress. What I like about it is the good color palette of gray and a beautiful air balloon icon for rss feed. The theme is great for any personal blog.

Wedding Romance
free wedding wordpress theme
If you are running a business anyhow connected to weddings or would like to launch a personal blog dedicated to the most romantic day of your life you’ll love this 2 columns, left sidebar, widget ready theme developed by FreeWebsiteThemes. I like the design elements at the body of this theme and its header reminds me the gorgeous movies of the past.

Halloween Pumpkin
free WordPress theme
This is one of my most favourite themes from WPDaddy collection of free wordpress themes. Maybe it’s because Halloween is my favourite holiday or maybe because this 2 columns, right sidebar, adsense and widget ready theme from Costume Finder is so nicely designed. If you love Halloween as much as I do you’ll love this theme either.

Ducks and boating
Best Free WordPress Theme
I like everything about this 2 columns, right sidebar, widget ready theme designed by John Skinner. Not that I love sea and boating that much, but the quality of the design and the cute duck at the header made me name this free wp theme number one of the May 2009.

Do you have your personal favourites at the WPDaddy themes collection?

Awesome Music WordPress Themes to stir you up

May 7th, 2009

Music is a huge part of nowadays people lives, isn’t it? Most of us can’t live without Walkman and iPod, music industry is the most profitable business yielding millions of dollars every day. So, do you plan to join this extremely profitable and so attractive business, do you feel the urgent need to bring more music and groove to your life and blogosphere? If you do than this post is for you. I picked the most infusive Music WordPress themes from WPDaddy collection of free wp themes to impress and inspire you :)
Well, here they are:

free music wp theme
Designed by freewordpresstheme this 3 column theme with awesomely creative header will be a great choice for any music blog or website. Let all the world listen to the music you compose or your band plays, tell your readers about your favorite music trends and bands, publish recent music news and anything related to music.

Musical Madness
beautiful free wordpress skin
I like the header of this 3 columns wp theme designed at Go Look Now, it reminds me of every concert I’ve been to and what fun it was. I do believe any blog on music related themes will be successful with this skin.

Music Magazine
awesome music wp theme

Yep, this 2 columns widget ready theme by freewordpresstheme is designed to suit music magazines, if you plan to write about music, artists and music news than these theme is a greatest choice for you.

All these free WordPress themes are available for immediate download, enjoy. :)

WordPress as a CMS: how to build a portfolio website

April 30th, 2009

Deservedly considered to be the best blogging platform WordPress is not just that. Its ease of use and maintenance makes it the most ultimate CMS (Content Management System). CMS is a Web application used for creating and managing HTML content. CMSs usually provide tools that allow creating and managing content with little or no knowledge of programming. The easy to understand and operate WordPress admin tools allow you to create literally every possible type of website without tech skills from your side. There are hundreds of ways to use WordPress not as a blog but as CMS, creating an online portfolio is one of them. So how can you actually do that? Well, there are few ways.

* You can add image gallery WordPress Plugins to your blog thus adding the new functionality to it. This is an easy way to show your pictures to the world.

* The other way is to change your WordPress theme to a pre-made theme that is especially designed to be a gallery. Here you should decide whether you want a free or a premium theme for your online gallery.

Portfolio Extended is a brilliant example of a free wp theme for online galleries. It’s three column, adSence ready skin performed in nice red color palette.

free wordpress portfolio theme

Flipbook photo blog wp flash template is an awesome example of a premium theme for portfolio. The use of Flash makes it live and vivid.

wordpress portfolio

Here are some brilliant examples of WordPress used as a portfolio website to inspire you:

Freshivore. A personal page of a designer from California featuring a very nice portfolio of his works.

wp portfolio

Best web gallery. A brilliant web design showcase built with WordPress.

wordpress gallery

How would you use WordPress as a CMS?