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Why and How to Ping Your WordPress Blog

October 30th, 2009

WPDaddy keeps on providing you with helpful tips in order to simplify your efforts and help you get the most pleasure and benefits from your everyday writing. Today we are going to touch upon the easiest and the most convenient way of making your weblog even more popular and profitable - blog pinging. Haven’t heard about it yet? Then learn the following suggestions we have kindly prepared!

Pinging is known among bloggers as an XML-RPC-based push mechanism with the help of which the server is informed about all updates implemented within your blog via an XML-RPC signal. When the ping server receives a signal it creates a list of weblogs which have refreshed their content. The thing is a summary or your full new post will be added to your pinging service database and your post link will appear in this service recent ping page. Sometimes pinged data history is also indexed which provides search traffic.

Simply speaking, blog pinging is about generating traffic to your site and requires minimum time and efforts. All you have to do is subscribe to one of the pinging services and update your weblog content regularly in order for these services to index and rank your site. In such a simple way you will increase your blog rankings and get more traffic to it. You are also allowed to attach your weblog to several blog pinging services but you should be attentive with that - if they notify the same web services your weblog may be considered as spam. In fact there is a lot of cases of a real ping spam so be careful not to be included in the number of blog spammers.

Blog pinging also implies pingback which is one of the linkback types - the ways of getting notification when the user links to one of your documents. This helps you as an author to keep track of the users who link or refer to your articles. Pingback implies an XML-RPC request which is sent from one site to another in case of reference. When your website get a notification signal it goes to the site of the referrer and checks whether a live incoming link exists there. In case the link really exit the pingback will be recorded successfully, thus such mechanism makes pingbacks less spam-prone than trackbacks. As for WordPress, it supports automatic pingbacks which means that all the links in the published article are pinged when the article is submitted.

Blog pinging possesses several great advantages - it is free of charge and highly effective at driving important traffic to your blog. Besides, it is user friendly - most of the pinging services require you to enter only your blog URL and name to start, and seldom your IP address is required additionally. Among the most popular online pinging services are:


So don’t waste a minute and subscribe to one of the pinging services to increase your blog traffic and earning potential as well as improve your status and credibility!

Simple Trackback Validation Plugin

October 5th, 2009

Any blog you have launched requires not only the readers attention but should also receive huge traffic flow in order to become competitive and profitable source. In this case you need to make use of some powerful link building strategy or find the right tool which will help you to derive traffic to your weblog. One of the most efficient link building facilities built in Wordpress platform is trackback option - the tool for achieving any of your backlinking goals.

Trackback is quite a useful option for intensifying communication between the authors of different weblogs and its mechanism in Wordpress is simple. If the user finds some interesting article within your blog and wants to refer to it in his own source you will receive a notification as soon as the article will be posted if the trackback option is enabled. At the same time you will see an extract of the article in your blog comments/trackback section. Thus trackback will remain in the comment form and no matter whether the comments box is do follow or not there will appear a link leading users to the page it represents. As a blog owner you may decide if you want to accept any trackback or mark it as spam which usually happens when you receive links from auto RSS feeds blog. Anyway you can always check whether the content from the source you receive trackback is veritable or not.

In order to manage the trackbacks within your Wordpress blog you will have to install special add-on like Simple Trackback Validation Plugin which will easily test all the received trackbacks to prevent spamming in the most effective way. When your blog receives trackback the plugin checks whether the sender’s IP address is identical to the IP of the web server to which the URL leads. This technique promises to disclose and prevent the 99% of the spam trackbacks.
Simple Trackback Validation Plugin opens the page represented by the trackback URL and in case there is no link to your weblog marks it as spam. It also stops those bloggers who send trackbacks promoting their products or services without links to the posts. Besides, Simple Track Validation Plugin allows you to choose between different actions you can apply to the spam trackbacks. You can either delete them from the database, place to moderation or mark as spam - it is all up to you.

So if you want to make the most out of the link building for your weblog popularity and success trackback is an excellent option which can be easily enabled with Simple Trackback Validation Plugin for Wordpress.

WordPress Latest News

September 8th, 2009

I’m pretty sure most of you are tracking the news on WordPress. I’d like to turn your attention to the WordPress RSSCloud news and the latest worm attack on WordPress powered blogs.
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, it is the way your readers subscribe to updates of your blog using clients like Google Reader or Bloglines. I’m pretty sure most of you know what RSS is. And I’m pretty sure most of you know that it takes from minutes to hours for a new post to reach your subscriber through RSS. Well, now it won’t any more. WordPress has announced that those users subscribed to RSS Readers which are using a new feature called RSSCloud (only River2 and LazyFeed for now) will get instant updates. Thus, WordPress becomes a little bit more real time now.

I’m very curios what will come out of this new technology. Will Twitter lose its popularity now? Will there appear new promotional technologies and marketing mixes? Will WordPress gain even bigger popularity now, even with more security breaches and worms threatening your blog?

By the way, have you already updated to the latest WordPress security release? Please do it immediately. And check if you’ve done everything to protect your WordPress blog.
So, what are your thoughts on the latest WordPress news? Do share in the comments below.

Top5 Free WordPress Themes of August 2009

September 3rd, 2009

The August is over and it’s time to sum up, thus here is my traditional top 5 WordPress themes submitted last month.

# 5 BusinessWoman
best WordPress theme
Designed by Tamara Smith this 3 columns, widget ready WordPress theme is a perfect choice for a business weblog, especially if you are a business woman. It is performed in calm color scheme and features easy navigation menu.

# 4 Simple Nature Red
best WP skin
I like this simple 2 columns, left sidebar wp theme designed by jan weidenbach because of the amazing bright header and the perfect use of color.

# 3 Art Of Living
best WordPress skin
This brilliant 2 columns, right sidebar, widget ready wp theme is designed by Zinruss Studio to suit personal pages. I really love the red and blue color palette and the brilliant header of this theme.

# 2 Beauty Tips
best wordpress theme
This stunning 3 columns, widget ready theme for WordPress is created by Tamara Smith to suit a beauty related weblog. If you plan to blog about spa and beauty secrets this nice looking theme is your best choice.

# 1 Raven
best wp theme
This truly stylish 2 columns, right sidebar wp theme designed by is deservedly my number one of the themes submitted in August. This is a brilliant example of the perfectuse of black color in design, isn’t it?

WP Plugins Worth Checking Out

September 1st, 2009

Trying my best to be your one-stop WordPress solution I give you dozens of useful plugins every week. Today I’m going to show you my recent findings that I believe are worth your attention.

* IntenseDebate Comments

If you’d like to encourage conversation on your blog this is the best plugin. Among the features are user accounts and reputations, comment voting, comment threading and reply-by-email.

* Gengo

This is a very good plugin for multi-language blogging. Unlimited number of translations and summaries is allowed for any post. There are template tags provided to display the language info.

* Instant Highlighter

Very curious plugin that allows your visitors to highlight any part of your page in color and post the highlight to any social website.

* Advanced Blogroll
This WordPress widget will display your bookmarks the way you want. You can divide your bookmarks in categories, add as many widgets as you want and arrange them the way you need them to be.

* InfoLink

This great plugin will let you link words from your blog entries to Wikipedia or any website searched by Google.

* Fidgetr
This WordPress widget will display latest photos from your Flickr photostream in the most attractive way. The widget is very easy to setup and is compatible with the majority of WP themes.

* Welcome To Your Data

This plugin will make it very easy to check all your stats within your WordPress admin panel.

Have you come across good WordPress plugins recently?

Top 10 Twitter Tools for WordPress

August 20th, 2009

Twitter has recently become a must have for everyone, there seems to be a total Twitter mania. Thus hundreds of new tools for Twitter appear each day. I’ve already gave you a dozen of great Twitter tools for WordPres. Well, today I’m going to give you some more.

* Twitter for Wordpress
Great, easily customizable plugin that displays your latest tweets in the WordPress blog of yours.

* Top Twitter Links
This is a widget that will show currently popular tweeted links.

Master New Features of Your WordPress

August 18th, 2009

It’s been a while science the last update of WordPress, and we already discussed here few of the new features of WordPress version 2.8. There have been some additional updates for the security reasons, the last one being WordPress 2.8.4, which brought some more improvements. So lets take a deeper look into what your new WordPress can do and how you can use the main improvements for your advantage. Using them properly you’ll safe a lot of time for creating unique content and promotion.

Theme Manager
For the majority of the bloggers who use WordPress this feature is the most useful and longed-for. It is now very easy to edit, preview and delete WP themes from within your administrator dashboard. You can easily browse, install and maintain WordPress themes using your new theme manager.

Edit post section
Another awesome feature every WordPress blogger has been longing for. Now you do not have to go to the page to see the post comments, all the comments belonging to a specific post can easily be reached in your dashboard. This improvement gives you an opportunity to overview the post and delete, edit or mark the comments as spam.

Widget Management
Personally I think this is a great if not the best improvement WordPress 2.8 has. You now are able to drag and drop widgets from the widget collection of yours over your sidebars. If you have multiple sidebars you now see them and their contents and settings. Plus you are now able to add multiple instances of the same widget.

Dashboard Improvements
Every new version of WordPress has some improvements for the dashboard. The latest improvements include contextual menus. This means that specific help options are displayed in the upper part of every screen you are in. You’ll also notice the increased speed of the dashboard.

As mentioned above there have been additional releases for the sake of security, thus if you have not still updated it is strongly recommended to do so.

Well, what are the new WordPress features you especially like and longed for?

10 Useful WordPress Tricks

August 14th, 2009

WordPress is an amazing blogging platform, there are hundreds of ways to make your WordPress blog better and extend its functionality. WordPress community keeps on inventing new tricks, hacks and plugins to give you an opportunity to reach the unbelievable goals with your WordPress powered web presence.
I like keeping myself updated with the latest events related to WordPress, and I like keeping up to date with the most useful tricks and plugins WordPress community develops. Today I’m going to share 10 useful WordPress tools and tricks from my latest discoveries.

* Antivirus for Wordpress
This great tool will warn you of any possible attacks.

* E-Commerce Shopping Cart
You absolutely need this good looking and easy to maintain e-Commerce platform if you plan to launch an online shop on the base of your WordPress powered website.

* Broken Links Checker
Very good plugin that monitors your blog and looks for broken links.

* Random Posts from Category
You can display random posts from a category you choose. The plugin lets you choose the number of displayed posts. Plus you can tell it to show the excerpt or the full content in addition to title of the post.

* Dropdown Blogroll
This guide will teach you how to create a beautiful dropdown blogroll without javascript.

* Better Search Page
This great plugin will give you the complete control over the look of your WordPress search results page.

* Simple Post Thumbnails
This is a very easy to use plugin that will let you create thumbnails for your blog posts. There is no image editing required, the plugin will do everything for you.

* Vote Post Up/Down
Add some interaction with your visitors, let them vote and show how they liked your articles.

* Improve Page Load Time
This nice plugin will improve your page load time greatly. To do that it’ll combine and compress JS and CSS files.

* Spell, Style and Grammar Check
This smart plugin is a very handy tool that will find any writing errors at your blog entries and offer smart solutions.

Are there more new WordPress tricks and tools you use and would like to share with others?

Amaze Spammers with the Power of Your Anti Spam Plugin

August 12th, 2009

There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins out there. Hundreds of them are aimed to deal with spam comments on your blog entries. Still, the most popular plugin recommended by the majority of bloggers is Akismet. This popularity of Akismet is though not quite understandable as I keep on coming across the complains about it, its reliability and performance.

Well, I’ve found a great anti spam plugin for those who are unsatisfied with the Akismet plugin. Please welcome - AntiSpam Bee.
This is not a captcha or math queries plug-in, your visitors won’t suffer. :) It doesn’t require a database installation and template modification.
The operation principle of the AntiSpam Bee plugin is quite simple and actually ingenious - it hides your comment box and replaces it with a fake one, thus fulling the evil bots that spam your comments.

There is a great option - you can tell the plugin to mark the spam plugins without deleting it, thus you are able to monitor the work of the plugin.
Another pleasant thing about AntiSpam Bee is the ease of adding and maintenance. Everything you need to do is to download and activate it.
AntiSpam Bee can be used in tandem with Akismet or other anti spam plugin you use.

So, have you faced problems with your anti spam plugin performance?

Top5 Free WordPress Themes of July 2009

August 6th, 2009

Holding up the tradition I continue to showcase the best free wp themes from our collection submitted during the last month. Well, here is my personal top5 of the wordpress skins submitted in July 2009:

#5 Wonderful Nature
best wp themes
This cute and plain widget ready, 4 column theme is designed by Themes Junction is created to suit any personal blog. I think this magazine style theme designed with the use of pink, white and yellow colors will be a great choice for a girl’s personal page.