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Download 10 Brand-new Free Wordpress Themes

September 23rd, 2009

Are you thirsty for something new? Then WPDaddy is proud to announce its Free Wordpress Themes collection update and present you 10 fresh blog designs available for free download. Take your time and have a look!

1. SchemerPlus Theme

This theme was developed to become a perfect basis for any personal web page you want to establish. It allows you to supplement your articles with images and featured videos as well as maintains an article slideshow facility which makes your website look even more eye-catching. So enjoy your everyday writing to full output!

2.StyleOn Theme

StyleOn Theme is an excellent 2 column layout for a fashion related blog aimed at attracting females attention. Its pleasant-to-the-eye design will be appreciated by all girls and women beyond doubt making your blog stand out against a background of other modern weblogs.

3. BackPain Theme

If you are planning to start up a weblog dedicated to medicine or some particular health issues BackPain Theme will become your ideal choice for sure. It will help you to establish the most informative and professional website discovering different aspects of health problems, specifically back pain.

4. Back to School 2 Theme

You may have already seen the theme called Back To School and now you can enjoy the second version of this cool education template Back To School 2. This 2 column, widget ready theme will become a brilliant basis for a school blog or any other educational weblog you want to start up.

5. FreshMag Theme

FreshMag is a beautiful magazine styled theme distinguished by stunning multi-layout design and great customization facilities. With its help you will launch an exciting weblog dedicated to fashion and beauty, music and entertainment, arts and other lifestyle issues.

6. PhotoTab Theme

PhotoTab Theme is an ideal choice for those who are eager to establish some photography related blog to highlight the main news and events in the world of photo art or launch a little personal showcase online. The theme is widget and advertisement ready and possesses featured video and images facilities, Flickr RSS and much more other fantastic facilities.

7.Relaxation Theme

Relaxation Template is a beautiful 3 column, widget ready theme created to become an excellent solution for a blog dedicated to health and meditation, spa and other related issues. Its light and clean design evokes calmness and creates truly relaxing atmosphere both for you and your weblog readers.

8. Browndong Theme

If you want to run a personal blog dedicated to art, science and technological news and events then Browndong Theme is developed especially for you. The theme is distinguished by 6 colors scheme so you can choose whichever color you like and provides you with unmatched customization facilities.

9. Cinemagic Theme

Cinemagic Theme is an excellent widget ready template with 2 column layout. It will perfectly fit any personal website dedicated to various entertainment issues such as cinema, music, theater and so on. The theme maintains 4 dynamic sidebars, built in Twitter widget and is cross browser compatible.

10. Red, Red Wine Theme

This Red, Red Wine Theme is an excellent solution for any food and drink related website. It possesses simple and elegant design, has different headers, allows you to post excerpts and thumbnails and is widget ready.

So these are the new Free Wordpress Themes we got recently and wanted to show you today. Follow WPDaddy’s updates and soon you will get another portion of creative Wordpress Themes. And don’t forget to share your valuable findings as well!

Free Wordpress Themes vs Paid Templates

September 18th, 2009

If you are looking for the most appropriate theme for the weblog you are going to establish there is one major choice you need to make first. You should decide whether it is a free template you want to build your blog with or you are ready to spend some money and get an exclusive paid WordPress theme.

With amazing number of Free Wordpress Themes available nowadays there is a lot of webmasters who still would prefer to have one of the commercial blog designs, and there are several reasons for such decision. Paid Wordpress Themes are known to possess premium quality, guarantee you the uniqueness of design and provide advanced functionality features. They have been coded and developed by professionals and also undergo testing to ensure the quality, so if you want to purchase some premium design for your Wordpress blog you won’t regret for sure.

Here are several examples of Premium Wordpress Themes designs for you to have a look.

1. Omni Theme

Omni Theme is a Wordpress template which will appear a great solution for Facebook and MySpace users which are eager to establish their own professionally designed online presence. The theme is distinguished by a home page accomplished in magazine style and a social networking section in order for your friends to be aware of what you are doing on the web.

2. Agent Theme by Studiopress

If you are a real estate agent and want to construct a website for promoting your services online this Wordpress Theme is exactly what you need. It possesses professional but still eye-catching and stylish design which will attract both buyers and sellers interested in real estate services you offer.

3. Daily Edition Theme by Wefunction

Daily Edition Theme implies a newspaper/magazine styled template with advanced functionality options. It contains special home page modules for enabling video player and exclusive Javascipt-based scroller.

4. Lifestyle Theme by StudioPress

Lifestyle Wordpress Theme was created to become an ideal template for any website dedicated to beauty, entertainment, fashion, travelling and other aspects of leisure time and lifestyle. It is distinguished by unique pleasant-to-the-eye design which evokes relaxed positive atmosphere and encourages enjoying your free time.

5. Smart Wordpress Theme by Nattywp

This template is a perfect example of universal Wordpess Theme which will become an excellent basis either for business website or your personal blog. It attracts by modern design, easy configuration options, additional modules of colour schemes and widgets.

But as you already know there is an incredible variety of Wordpress Themes available for free download and they are almost always as beautiful and qualitative as paid ones. Besides, you don’t have to pay a cent for such themes which means that you can try as many templates as you want and be sure you have missed nothing. Apart from possessing nice design Free Wordpress Themes provide you with all necessary options and facilities allowing to establish attractive and usable online presence with minimum efforts. To cut a long story short, you can be sure that free Wordpress Themes will undoubtedly become your winning, time and money saving solution.

In order for you to compare and see the difference here are some free Wordpress Themes designs for multiple purposes.

1. Divisions Of The Year Theme by Zinruss

This colourful 3 column Wordpress Theme will be to your taste beyond doubt as it is distinguished by exclusive ability to change your website appearance with simple click. The thing is you are allowed to switch the theme design according to your particular likings and set a specific mood for your online presence at any time!

2. Home World Theme by Ezwpthemes

Home World Theme is a brilliant template for establishing gardening related website. It is distinguished by clean and light garden styled design which allows you to place all the necessary content within the theme pages.

3. StyleIsle Theme by HPA

This theme is a perfect match for any website dedicated to home fashion and interior design. It possesses stylish design and provides you with a number of modules and options. Implement your every idea and share creative thoughts with a website built on the basis of StyleIsle Theme.

4. Craftwork Theme by Ezwpthemes

Craftwork Theme is a thrilling free Wordpress Template which will appear your brilliant solution in case you are eager to start up any art related website to implement your art gallery online, share your experience and post any content about art, paintings, famous artists and much more. Very stylish design with pleasant colour gamut will attract readers beyond doubt.

5. Real Estate Theme by prowebcreative

If you are going to establish a real estate website powered by Wordpress this theme is exactly what you are looking for. It provides your future online presence with professional design and all options needed for your successful business.
As you have seen free Wordpress Themes are as professional as paid ones so there is no necessity to spend money on purchasing beautiful Wordpress-powered templates but still the choice is up to you. And what kind of Wordpress Themes will you personally choose? We’re waiting for your opinions!

Top 10 Twitter Tools for WordPress

August 20th, 2009

Twitter has recently become a must have for everyone, there seems to be a total Twitter mania. Thus hundreds of new tools for Twitter appear each day. I’ve already gave you a dozen of great Twitter tools for WordPres. Well, today I’m going to give you some more.

* Twitter for Wordpress
Great, easily customizable plugin that displays your latest tweets in the WordPress blog of yours.

* Top Twitter Links
This is a widget that will show currently popular tweeted links.

Master New Features of Your WordPress

August 18th, 2009

It’s been a while science the last update of WordPress, and we already discussed here few of the new features of WordPress version 2.8. There have been some additional updates for the security reasons, the last one being WordPress 2.8.4, which brought some more improvements. So lets take a deeper look into what your new WordPress can do and how you can use the main improvements for your advantage. Using them properly you’ll safe a lot of time for creating unique content and promotion.

Theme Manager
For the majority of the bloggers who use WordPress this feature is the most useful and longed-for. It is now very easy to edit, preview and delete WP themes from within your administrator dashboard. You can easily browse, install and maintain WordPress themes using your new theme manager.

Edit post section
Another awesome feature every WordPress blogger has been longing for. Now you do not have to go to the page to see the post comments, all the comments belonging to a specific post can easily be reached in your dashboard. This improvement gives you an opportunity to overview the post and delete, edit or mark the comments as spam.

Widget Management
Personally I think this is a great if not the best improvement WordPress 2.8 has. You now are able to drag and drop widgets from the widget collection of yours over your sidebars. If you have multiple sidebars you now see them and their contents and settings. Plus you are now able to add multiple instances of the same widget.

Dashboard Improvements
Every new version of WordPress has some improvements for the dashboard. The latest improvements include contextual menus. This means that specific help options are displayed in the upper part of every screen you are in. You’ll also notice the increased speed of the dashboard.

As mentioned above there have been additional releases for the sake of security, thus if you have not still updated it is strongly recommended to do so.

Well, what are the new WordPress features you especially like and longed for?

10 Useful WordPress Tricks

August 14th, 2009

WordPress is an amazing blogging platform, there are hundreds of ways to make your WordPress blog better and extend its functionality. WordPress community keeps on inventing new tricks, hacks and plugins to give you an opportunity to reach the unbelievable goals with your WordPress powered web presence.
I like keeping myself updated with the latest events related to WordPress, and I like keeping up to date with the most useful tricks and plugins WordPress community develops. Today I’m going to share 10 useful WordPress tools and tricks from my latest discoveries.

* Antivirus for Wordpress
This great tool will warn you of any possible attacks.

* E-Commerce Shopping Cart
You absolutely need this good looking and easy to maintain e-Commerce platform if you plan to launch an online shop on the base of your WordPress powered website.

* Broken Links Checker
Very good plugin that monitors your blog and looks for broken links.

* Random Posts from Category
You can display random posts from a category you choose. The plugin lets you choose the number of displayed posts. Plus you can tell it to show the excerpt or the full content in addition to title of the post.

* Dropdown Blogroll
This guide will teach you how to create a beautiful dropdown blogroll without javascript.

* Better Search Page
This great plugin will give you the complete control over the look of your WordPress search results page.

* Simple Post Thumbnails
This is a very easy to use plugin that will let you create thumbnails for your blog posts. There is no image editing required, the plugin will do everything for you.

* Vote Post Up/Down
Add some interaction with your visitors, let them vote and show how they liked your articles.

* Improve Page Load Time
This nice plugin will improve your page load time greatly. To do that it’ll combine and compress JS and CSS files.

* Spell, Style and Grammar Check
This smart plugin is a very handy tool that will find any writing errors at your blog entries and offer smart solutions.

Are there more new WordPress tricks and tools you use and would like to share with others?

Top5 Free WordPress Themes of July 2009

August 6th, 2009

Holding up the tradition I continue to showcase the best free wp themes from our collection submitted during the last month. Well, here is my personal top5 of the wordpress skins submitted in July 2009:

#5 Wonderful Nature
best wp themes
This cute and plain widget ready, 4 column theme is designed by Themes Junction is created to suit any personal blog. I think this magazine style theme designed with the use of pink, white and yellow colors will be a great choice for a girl’s personal page.

Ultimate List of Tools for Your WordPress Part 2

July 29th, 2009

Well, this is obviously the sequel of my previous post Ultimate List of Tools for Your WordPress Part 1, where I gave you the selection of the most useful WordPress plugins for your posts, RSS feeds, video and comments maintaining. So, without further ado, here is the second part:


* Backlinks inbound links counter
This plugin allows you to track all incoming links using MSN.
* Bsuite
This great plugin tracks your page loads, top performing posts, search terms that were used on incoming links and gives the list of related posts at the end of each entry.
* CountPosts
Allows you to see how many times each of your posts gets visited without counting visits from the admin.
* FeedBurner StandardStats
This plugin allows you to easily install the FeedBurner script to let you monitor your RSS feed statistics.
* FeedStats
Displays your feeds stats and measures the length of stay on your site at your dashboard.
* Live
Lets you see new comments, grabbed feeds and posts visited in real time.
* Open Web Analytics
This plugin allows you to track visits and unique visitors, page views and clicks, referring websites and even shows your visitor geography on Google Earth.
* Search Phrases
Very simple plugin that displays search terms that brought your visitors to the blog of yours.
* Ultimate Google Analytics
Allows you to easily add the Google Analytics script plus counts downloads and outbound links.
* WP-Stats
Gives you general stats - number of posts, comments etc.
* Alexa Rank
Well, displays your Alexa rank at your web page.
* Google PageRank
Displays your Google Page Rank at your web page.
* Impress
Lets you boast about the number of your users and posts, pages and comments, categories and many more on your weblog.

Social Bookmarking

* Digg Button
Gives you the opportunity to add Digg button anywhere within a post using a simple code snippet.
* JPF Add to Reddit
Allows your readers to easily and fast submit your posts to Reddit.
* Share This
Lets you add multiple social bookmarking links and email-this feature in one single button.
* Sociable
Adds links to 61 social bookmarking sites.
* Socializer Plugin
Gives you the ability to add your posts to almost 40 social bookmarking sites.
* WP-Notable
Allows you to add the links with icons of multiple social bookmarking sites to each blog entry.
* wphotspots
Allows you to track the activity of your posts on a number of social bookmarking sites.
* Ma.gnolia Widget
This widget lets you display links from your Ma.gnolia account.


* WP-PageNavi
Gives you an opportunity to add a more advanced paging navigation at your blog.
* Wordpress Navigation List
Great plugin with drag ‘n drop interface that gives you the ability to easily create a completely unique site navigation.
* Multi-level Navigation
Allows you to add a horizontal dropdown, vertical flyout or horizontal slider menu to your WordPress blog.
* Simple Sidebar Navigation
This is a very simple plugin that lets you add a widget to create custom navigation in any sidebar without writing any PHP code.

This is by far not the full list of useful plugins. WordPress is that much popular exactly due to the many features created every day, thus there are thousands of really helpful plugins. Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Ultimate List of Tools for Your WordPress Part 1

July 23rd, 2009

WordPress is the hugely popular blogging platform, no wonder there is such immense number of tools developed for WordPress powered blogs. To simplify your life I’ve made a selection of the most useful plugins and extensions to give you the ultimate list of WordPress tools.
Much has been said about such essential plugins as Akismet and All in One SEO Pack, thus I won’t touch upon them here. And don’t expect to see here tools for SEO, security, audio and image sharing as I already covered these subjects at this blog.

Tools for Posts:
* Auto Link
Automatically links keywords within your blog posts to any location you specify
* Category Posts Widget
You can specify how many posts you want to be shown within the specified category
* Code Markup
This plugin allows you to put snippets of code (HTML included) into the posts without affecting your page.
* Easy Post-To-Post Links
Use a shortcut to link to another posts on your blog.
* WP-PostRatings
Let your visitors vote for your posts. Plugin also allows to display the most or least ranked posts on your sidebar.
* WP-Footnotes
This plugin allows, well… to put footnotes at your posts.
* Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
Gives a list of old posts on your blog related to the current one
* WP-PostViews
Displays the number of times a post has been viewed.

RSS Feed Tools:
* Feed Control
Among many features this plugin gives you are the ability to exclude posts from your feed and add pages.
* Feed Footer
Adds copyright and ads to your RSS posts.
* DeCat
Gives you an opportunity to select categories that won’t be included in your feeds.
* Feed Styler
Style your feed as you want it to be.
* FeedStats
Gives you every statistics on your feeds
* Subscribe-Remind
This nice plugin allows you to remind your readers to subscribe to your feed at the end of each post.

Video Tools:
* Easy Inline SWF
Allows you to easily insert Flash files in .swf format into your blog entries.
* Extreme Video
Allows you to play any .flv file on your blog. Supports YouTube, Quicktime, Google Video and more.
* YouTube Brackets
With this plugin you do not need to copy and paste embed code to insert a YouTube video into your post, all you need is to enter an URL
* SeeTheFace
This tool allows you to record video and post it at your blog.

Comments Tools:
* Bannage
With this plugin you can ban any annoying user by name, email, or IP.
* Admin Panel Comment Reply
This plugin will add a “reply to comment” option in the comments section of your WordPress admin area.
* WP-Most Commented Posts
Displays the most commented posts at your blog sidebar
* Live Comment Preview
With this plugin you will allow your users to preview their comments before posting them.
* Edit Comments XT
Your users will be able to edit their comments.
* DoFollow
Removes the “nofollow” attributes from links in comments.
* DoFollow Trackbacks
Removes “nofollow” attributes from the trackbacks.
* Show Top Commentators
List your most devoted commentators with links to their websites.

This was the first part of the list of the most essential WordPress tools. What type of tools would you like to see in the next part?

Is Your Blog SEO Friendly?

July 14th, 2009

We’ve discussed the importance of search engine optimization here more than once. But I think one more time won’t be a waste.
So, let’s revise what exactly SEO means and how it works.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a process of improving the volume and quality of your traffic received from search engines. To understand SEO better you should know how search engines work. This is pretty easy - such search engines as Google and Yahoo use a program called a “web spider”. These spiders crawl the web and collect info about the web pages (content, links etc.) and deposit this info to the search engine’s database. When you want to find something on the web and type your query in the search box the search engine has to do one simple thing - to find the most relevant info in it’s database. To make your blog more relevant to probable queries you should make it rank for the factors that form the search engine algorithm higher. This is where SEO will help you.
Here are things you should check and plugins you should add to make your blog SEO friendly:

* All in One SEO Pack
I already told you about this extremely useful plugin. It allows you to add meta tags, titles, descriptions and keywords to your blog posts.

* Google XML Sitemaps
If you want google spiders to crawl your weblog better you should help them - create a sitemap. This nice plugin will help you do the task easily and fast.

* Sociable
This is a great plugin I’ve already mentioned at this blog, it allows your visitors to bookmark your posts at 99 social bookmarking sites. Find more WordPress plugins meant to help you increase traffic.

Things to check:

* Add Titles and ALT tags to the images you use in your blog entries

* Make sure your meta descriptions are unique and do not repeat your content

* Make sure your theme uses header tags correctly:
- Your blog title (your main keyword) should be placed in an h1 tag.
- Your post titles should be placed in h2 tags.

These are very basic SEO tips for beginners, if you have more simple tips feel free to share them in the comments below.

Top 10 Video Tutorials for WordPress Beginners

July 7th, 2009

When you are new to something you for sure prefer to have an expert who will show you the basics, don’t you? Well, I decided to make a selection of the most useful video tutorials recorded by real experts. Now you can say you’ve been taught by the best WordPress professionals ;)

Well, what do you want to know first of all? Of course how to install your WordPress, I can recommend these tutorials:
* How to install WordPress from
* Installing Wordpress from

Now you may be interested in changing your WP theme:
* How to Change/Activate Themes from
* How to change the theme from
* How to Modify WordPress Theme from

Good tutorials on widgets:
* How widgets work from
* Create your first widget
* How To Make Your Own WordPress Widget from

How to install and create your own plugins:
* How to install WordPress plugins from
* How to make a wordpress plugin from

Well, this was my top 10 WordPress video tutorials. Would you like to see more of them?